2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Price Sea Ray’s SPX line focuses on a new level of acquisitiveness, but ensures that the construction does not miss the sea-ray heritage. The 19 SPX is the smallest of this new alignment and the version “Select ” We tested had the optional package that added luxury to the mix. Now, those who have just started, or restricted in size by the limits of the lake or the weight of tow, do not have to compromise on. The entry level no longer means bare bones, and this boat proves it. But for us, the real attraction is in the ability to personalize the content of the heart, beginning with the choice between outboard motor or STERNDRIVE.

The SPX 190 offers the best player on Ray Ray’s new affordable ferry line, a relatively high flier card and a large swimming platform. This sports Bowrider was designed for a wide range of customers with its many levels of personalization, from power to luxury, and even its design offers a number of versatility features to please everyone. The base package is powered with a conscious cost of four cylinders STERNDRIVE propulsion configuration of Mercruiser.

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Due to the affordability of the SPX line, it comes as standard with all the essentials for a good time. However, you can choose to meet the needs and desires of practically anyone. It starts with the color of the hull. We are great admirers of anything but white on any boat and with the SPX 190, the color can be added for only $1,226. Considering that most of the time, the boat will be financed, this ends up being short money in the long run. For that matter, it’s short money even without funding.

Then comes the power. We can decide between outboard and STERNDRIVE but as our test boat was STERNDRIVE, we will focus on that. The basic engine is the 3.0 L 135-HP Mercruiser. This should provide enough energy for the simple Joyrids or the beach coach around the base bow. But the burden and/or addition of water sports will take more. Choose between an engine of 4.3 L 180-hp ($2,667), a 4.5 L 200-hp ($3,933) with which we tested, or a engines of 4.3 L 220-hp ($5,000), all of Mercruiser.

The SPX 190 is also elegantly option to include four available factory packages, two of which will actually increase the usability of the boats. The ‘ Lift Pack ‘ ($4,400) is geared towards ski and Wake sports enthusiasts with a built-in wakeboarding tower and a rearview mirror. Another good option is the ‘All Sport package’ ($ 2,593), which turns the SPX into a spring and cockpit, a bar storage area, a LiveWell system and, of course, a weekend fishing platform for a trolling engine.

Then we get to the ability to add to the appearance and clipping level of the SPX 190. The “Captain’s Package” ($780) is a truism. It adds some essential elements such as a battery switch, a depth finder and a top-level rudder seat. The stainless steel package ($333) adds trimming to the Rubrail insert, beverage holders and all latches and handles. Then we get to the focus of our test boat…. The “Select package ” ($4,267). This is meat and potatoes add luxury to construction with LED lighting, a Premium level dash at the helm, and improved upholstery. This package also comes with a stainless steel upgrade and the flooring is sold in two colors, Sahara or Cognac.

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Performance

Now let’s put it in the water and see how it does it. The Sea Ray SPX 190 has a Loa of 19 ‘6 “(5.94 m), a beam of 8’ 4” (2.54 m) and a design of 34 “(86 m). With an empty weight of 2,728 lbs (1,237 kg, three quarts of fuel and two people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 3,283 lbs (1,489 kg). With the optional 200-HP 4.5 L Mercruiser rotating a 19 “(48.3 cm) black Max propeller, we finish at 47.5 mph. The best economy, however, we measured at 2500 rpm and 24.2 mph. That velocity produced a 4.6 gallon fuel burn, allowing us to continue for almost 6 hours and 142 miles, all while retaining a 10% reserve.

We reach the brushing speed in 3.7 seconds, accelerate to 20 mph at 5.8 seconds and continue through to 30 mph in 8.7 seconds.

The 19-degree Deadrise current surface of the SPX 190 and the dry weight of 2,728 lb (1,237 kg) gave a safe and stable ride with a good handling response of the STERNDRIVE propulsion configuration. Like all sea rays, the ship is NMMA certified. We were not surprised to find excellent driving qualities. She takes aggressive delivery without adverse effects such as Chine walk. In fact, she remained quite comfortable, rolling 19 degrees in the curves and not having so much grip that she could not stay in her seat. It has a good control authority and responds quickly to both steering and acceleration inputs. If we crossed the ship’s wake from the camera at full speed we could get it to hit hard, but it marked back to more normal operations, she cut cleanly through the waves with minimal spray.

The franc board passes from 29 “(73.7 cm) to the bow at 33 ” (84 cm) aft. Basically not just a classy boat, but a safe and fun boat to be in.

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2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Price

The base price of the 135 hp Mercruiser 3.0 L ECT and Alpha I STERNDRIVE for the SPX 190 is 36.703 and includes a painted trailer. The most popular updates, including the Select package from our test boat, will add $ 10,000 to the initial level and result in a boat that will add port resources to what others see as an entry-level boat.

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 Key Features

  • 4 optional functional and convenience packages: Captain’s, All Sport, Elevation and Select
  • Edgier, sporty style with molded hullside accents
  • Standard single-axle painted trailer with disc brakes and swing-away tongue with LED lighting
  • Expanded cockpit design
  • Stereo, 12V AM/FM with Wireless Bluetooth and 2 weatherproof speakers
  • Sun pad with port transom walkthrough
  • Stainless steel ski tow eye
  • Aft Bench Seat with sun pad and insulated cooler
  • Bow seats with cushions and storage below