2018 Sea Ray SDX 270

2018 Sea Ray SDX 270

2018 Sea Ray SDX 270 Sea Ray has done a customer feedback study and, surprisingly, discovered that boat drivers are looking for more space, more seating, and more luxury in an open-air boat. It responded with the SDX 270 (formerly known as the 270 sun deck). Due to the narrowing of the pistols, along with several other design features, it has created a large boat to accommodate 15 people in the luxurious seats that rival the luxury of the SLX line. Available in both internal and outboard versions, we have recently tested the internal version and saw what we found here.

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The Sea Ray SDX 270 has always been an example of sea Ray’s sensitivity to customer feedback. And basically, more calls … more seating, more space, more social space and more storage space. In our opinion, she responds to the call for more usable space with seating for 15 people underway. Several social zones throughout the boat welcome large gatherings. Memory is seemingly everywhere. Options allow the customer to either hold many seats or sacrifice some of them for a cockpit wet bar with sink and refrigerator. All in one boat, the upscale features and leads like a sea ray should. New color schemes are offered for this model year, and the buyer can choose from a standard graphics package, two-color ($ 1,538) or three-region ($ 2,231) package. Available colors onyx, Sea Ray Blue, Mojave Tan, Rally Red, Horizon and Mahogany.

2018 Sea Ray SDX 270 Performance

By turning the standard 300-HP 6.2L Mercruiser Bravo 3-drive, we reached a maximum speed of 44 mph at 5300 rpm. At this speed we burned only one hair over 23 GPH and gave us a mile range of 112 miles. The best economy looked like 3500 rpm and 28.3 mph. This speed fueled the 8.8 GPH and 188 miles range.

This boat has the feeling of the big boat that it is. While she is neither the heaviest nor the lightest in class she does not feel like a heavy boat, offering a solid ride with none of the bounce of a lighter class ship. Customers in this class are more interested in comfort and less about top-end speed. Your base 300 hp engine, also our test engine, is proof of that. That is, it accelerates with a slight bow rise and docile feel that no one will be forced back into their seat or thrown to the rear section of the boat. Of course, for those who need the comfort and speed to boot, there are options for a 350 ($7,154) or 380-hp ($13,308) upgrade.

2018 Sea Ray SDX 270 Price

The Sea Ray SDX 270 has a base price of $ 100,772. With the standard engine, the installed and installed SDX 270 will set the scale at $ 124,088. I was constantly impressed by Sea Ray’s SDX series and the SDX 270 is an example of the cause. It has all the features we are looking for in a dayboat that handle the wagon from the protected areas as easily as entertaining in the way directly at the dock. She also has a level of class and style in line with the brand.

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2018 Sea Ray SDX 270

Test Results Highlights

  • Maximum speed for the Sea Ray SDX 270 (2016-) is 44.0 mph (70.8 km/h), burn 23.05 gallons per hour (GPH) or 87.24 liters per hour (LPH).
  • The best for the Sea Ray SDX 270 is Cruise (2016-) at 28.3 mph (45.5 km / h) and the boat at 3.21 miles per gallon or 1.36 km (Cpl) per liter and the boat at 188 miles interest. (302.56 kilometers).
  • The power tested is 1 x 300-HP Mercruiser 6.2 L.

Key Features

  • The abundance of the existing lake over the standard arch with bimini or the optional water sports tower with bimini articulation
  • Full-beam cockpit ground plan
  • 15 seats comfortably seated (yacht certified)
  • Convertible seating including transom loungers overlooking the sunrise / curb
  • Bluetooth-enabled stereo for easy control of built-in audio devices
  • Diving swimming platform option
  • Portable head, make-up and sink head
  • Bow with hinged pillows and foldable arm rests, with pier and starboard loungers

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