2018 Sea Ray Fly 510 Price

2018 Sea Ray Fly 510 Price

2018 Sea Ray Fly 510 Price It was a dirty day on the Banana River. Under a grey glowering sky, the rain left the east, carried by a 15-knot zephyrs that, given the north-south orientation of our test site, there was not enough to build much of a sea. We just finished the last speed race of the day and was calculating our average Top hop. “Right on 27.3 knots “, I said, looking from the calculator on my iPhone. “Not bad for standard engine package. “

“Yes ,” said Sea Ray’s test driver Tom Donnelly, with his fingers tied at the top of the steering wheel at the top rudder station of the new Sea Ray 510 fly. “And I’m Bettin” it’s going to go faster with the optional 715 horsepower engines. You want to take her now, Bill?

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The climb behind the wheel was a purer déjà vu. Over the years, I have tasted sea a passions of sea-ray cruises, Express Cruises, fishboats, and performance boats (yes, sea Ray once built speedsters as well as artisanal fishing) and, as always, the brand consistency spawned a certain Comfortable familiarity.

I hunted the steering console for a moment, and soon found the controls on the Bennett tab, located to the right of the wheel and just below it. Then I checked our position through a Raymarine HybridTouch screen on the board, took a quick look over the stern to make sure there was no one coming, and, with a tickle of the boat’s anticipation–Drivin ‘, facilitated the twin chopsticks Of the disk out of neutral and in the go-go realm.

The trip was very smooth. A mile or so south of Bennett Calzada, with our 601-horsepower Cummins QSC 8.3 s going full talk, I swung the wheel to the port with a vengeance, the point being to approximate the maximum heel as well as the tactical diameter of a hardover turn. Our 510 responded to their rudders with a comfortable but exhilarating ride on the Swoop tilt board. Looking back, I put the diameter of our circle turning on a wide three boat lengths, maybe four, a find that is typical of the inner boats, especially those with broadly spaced braces, rudders, and tunnels like the 510.

We visited our 510 interior minister sea Ray is the Program Manager for the development of the products Chris Walker, type who oversaw the actual design and the completion of the. The most striking aspect to me was the apparent immensity and design of the full beam, the helm’s main cabin–not only was it huge, bright (thanks to three large Chevron-shaped windows on each side), and finished accurately, had free space where it Necessary. In fact, I noticed that I could walk around the Queen size bunk as if I was in a hotel, with nary a fear of knockin’ the old ‘ noggin ‘. And the suite head, right in front of the starboard dining room, only reinforced my enthusiasm, thanks to a residential-style tile floor and a comfortable teak benchseat in the acrylic shower.

The rest of the 510 three-design booth was quite simply, except that the windows in the Salon has the largest ever installed in the sea Ray, according to the Walker, and under the Lazarette cabin room was big enough p ara bed in the areas with some modifications. And then it is quite a special compact look a little detail.

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2018 Sea Ray Fly 510 Price

While the flying bridge leaking cozyly (with lounge area before and aft) and boathandler-friendly (Thanks to the large, simply through the down-Opening), it has also offered a very innovative type of access. Instead cannot hatch which began before the opening of the, Sea Ray was installed at the horizontal door type pocket that slides sideways. When not in use, Damn it feels thing is completely out of the way. Virtually invisible!

Optional equipment

  • Notable options: Vetus fore and aft propellers ($22,500); Cummins Inboard ($12,083) joystick; Cummins Zeus Sheath-Drive package ($99,167); Promariner inverter/charger ($6,500);
  • Reverse Oil Change system ($2,792); Splendid washer/Dryer Combo ($4,042); Hydraulic solutions General Hydraulic swimming Platform ($46,667).

Conditions During Boat Test

  • Air temperature: 67°F; humidity 93%; seas: 1-2′; wind: 10-15 knots

Load During Boat Test

  • 250 gal. fuel, 70 gal. water, 4 persons, 100 lb. gear.

Test Boat Specifications

  • Test Engine: 2/601-hp Cummins QSC8.3 diesel inboards
  • Transmission/Ratio: ZF2861; 2.01:1 ratio
  • Props: 27 x 25 4-blade bronze Michigan Wheel
  • Price as Tested: $1.7 million