2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Price

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Price

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Price The new sea Ray dancer combines two boats in one, a Bowrider and a Sportscruiser, to maximize entertainment and family navigation, and improve day and night options. The great new creative foredeck with the resting area of the trick bow is a highlight. But so, too, the convertible cabin seat with solar Hardtop protection, the crossbar trick with Swing-Away sun door for a seamless interface with water, and the open platform to spend the night for a family under the covers. Driven by the owner’s entrance and recognition that today’s weekend warriors want more space and amenities at the top, and a little less infrequently used accommodation and galley space under the decks, the ballerina 320 marks a tipping point in the evolution of sea Ray. For the first time we caught the wind of this change while in the United States with sea Ray last year.

But while the multifunction boats are hot, some look like Swiss Army knives. This dancer, however, still has a sharp and libertine profile. With Twin 300HP Mercruiser 6.2 L MPI DTS engines with Bravo III Stern, the boat packs a lot of sport with the cool cruise. You really have the feeling of driving a well balanced and beautiful boat on the easy-to-use rudder. Launched as an offer of high quality, this first new model of 2018-ballerina 320 in Australia debuted at the 50 ° International Boat Show in Sydney as one of the first in any part of the world. With it was some significant improvements, the show boat was a real market offer competing with Marques European instead of price-point of production boats. That’s where Ray’s positioned himself today.

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The local importer added a lot of additional equipment and options to raise this 320 of the ballerina even more. Another good thing about this boat is that it is not too big to store in a dry pile, where the hull and stern will keep the race-ready in a moment of notice, adding to your convenience dayboating which is what this boat is all about.

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Design

With a total length of 33ft 10in (10.31 m) with optional extended swimming platform, and a beam of 10ft 8in (3.25 m), the 320 is a large boat. Head, looks like a giant deck of that range of sea rays. Only the large-volume hull obviously contains a full-height interior. We’ll get to that. The innovation begins with the bow seat, which is accessed by a port-side tutorial along the adjacent rudder and descent that lead below the decks. There is a windshield opening panel and a wind gate to seal the cabin arch in, for example, winter, but we left the street open most of the time and just walked from the cockpit to the fore seat and back at will during our S test Ydney Harbour. Such is the ease of access that the arc immediately becomes a full-time usable part of this Sportscruiser and, in doing so, you get a quasi-Bowrider. The increase in the usable space of the cover gives the impression that you are on a 40-foot. The second separate and private living area on the front will be popular with children and teenagers as much as a lot at dusk with a drink in hand.

It’s important, it’s nice and safe for your crew thanks to the high rails tracing the bow seat. You can also kick back when the cruise, as it does not unduly obstruct the driver’s vision, especially since the rudder seat has a high-rise Flip-back back to elevate your position and points of view. Meanwhile, the spacious master cabin has heaps of surrounding plush seats. The backrest in the seat of the copilot is reversible, creating a rear-facing chair, shaded by the hard ceiling. Teak flooring adds to the Luxe and appearance and everything is very comfortable. The optional fully molded Hardtop is a must-have and, together with the optional electric SureShade cockpit awning, you can shade most of the seats at high-noon. This is important when you make lunch.

The amenities at the wet bar include an optional grill, but Chapman made the point that an Australian-sized barbecue would fit in its place. In addition, there is sufficient flat space here for a health-Grill-type 240v device that has as much cooking space-but is portable and easily replaced-as built-in grille. Another great highlight lies at the blunt end. The aft Lounge has the optional swivel backrest that creates a large and pleasant sunpad and opens the cockpit to the swimming area. The optional water door is aptly called and increases the interface of the Waterfront and amenity boat. The optional electric swimming platform, a feature normally found on a boat of 40 feet or larger, AIDS safe swimming with children, scuba diving and just hanging out semi-submerged. There are beverage holders, stereo remote and cover shower nearby. Snorkel, swim, bake, lounge, eat, drink… and do it again.

The new dancer 320 is a summer boat, with much more usable space, than the sportscruisers of yesteryear, with its long convex foredecks and smaller cabins, usually under canvas on a boat of this length, have become obsolete. That was sea Ray’s ambition all along. Mission accomplished. But what about the sleeping arrangements? Downstairs, the open-plan interior has full space and beds for four. There is a convertible bow room and a aft cabin with single beds that glide together to make a king. In the middle, at the foot of the stairs, is recessed fridge and a microwave oven. There is also a flat screen TV to keep the family entertained after sunset. The atmosphere under the decks and with the opening ports is really very nice. There is no wasted space with a lower galley, as all your food preparation and cooking is back on top and outdoors. The hard roof and the camper counting package (on the test boat) should help if you are stuck in bad weather. But you’ll probably run home instead.

Either way, the complete brands for the independent bathroom, standing tall with hand and wall shower rose. With hot water and 121lt on board, a couple can take a short shower if necessary. The toilet was a number of market TECMA and ventilation was good. You could say that the inside of the dancer 320 is apt for the purpose, which is day-rafting with odd night pulled in. It’s a lot of a dayboat du Jour that caters to the way the owners are using their boats today.

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Engine

While some multifunctional boats look like Swiss Army knives, this one still has a sharp and libertine profile. And with the updated twin engines of 300HP Mercruiser 6.2 L with Stern, the boat has a lot of moving people running and power. The boat with beams can easily seat 12. The village-Motor still carries a very respectable 21 degrees of Deadrise, so it does not hit like a wide-bodied deckboats. With the parent company Brunswick Marine holder of Sea Ray and mercury, you are sure of a matching engine that works, too. The button access to the engine bay reveals the Twin 6.2 L V8, the batteries and the bilge, while the diagnostics of the SmartCraft relays all of the engine levels and the fuel use to the speed and range when it is in operation.

The direction is power assisted, the controllers and the changes are the fly-by-wire models of DTS, and with the adjustment and inclination of the leg, plus the tabs and indicators, you can run this boat anywhere from free and easy buttoned down or offset. For the list. The active trim, the automatic mercury trimming system, is an option. At rest, we turned on the Kohler generator of petrol and, I must say, is quiet and smoke-free. So even with kids in the water, you can run the Gennie and electric barbecue at lunch and not worry about emissions.

This particular ballerina 320 was built in a sea-ray plant in Europe, making it one of the first in the world and shipped to our shores. The quality of the upholstery was first class. The moldings were also beautifully executed. These things are a hallmark of sea Ray. Sea Ray has a well-deserved reputation and positioning as America’s largest boat brand in Australia. With a big investment in D in new models like this innovative ballerina 320, you are looking to recover more from the demanding buyer market instead of just the first timers.

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Price

The sea-ray importer in Sydney, Mark Chapman, is no stranger to America’s boats and demanding local sailors looking for a luxury boating experience instead of a cheap trip. To make a good thing even better, it marked a lot of boxes of options. You can get aboard a 320 of the ballerina with Sterndrive-there is also a new blow-your-minded variant with triple 250HP or twin 350Hp Mercury Veras-from $379k using twin 250HP Mercruiser 4.5 l MPI ect motors with legs Bravo III.

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This Sydney Showboat had a $449k tag ticket with all the upgrades. Start with the largest engines of 300HP Mercruiser 6.2 L for more than 40 knots sport performance — we recommend this power upgrade given the seating capacity — and you can upload up to 450HP 6.2 L models, 260HP 3.0 L Mercruiser diesels, and Axius Docking joystick is an option. It was good to see our boat had an updated AC power system with a new generation Kohler low-emission gasoline generator and an inverter. In this way you have autonomy away from the dock with the AC power on call for, say, electric cockpit griddle, air conditioning/heating, and any apparatus you want to plug in (we would add an electric barbecue larger).

2018 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Price

The boat had a bathtub with teak deck and a swimming platform and a trimmed bath table, along with the interior walnut joint, the additional opening helmet portholes, an improved LED lighting, and the additional bow table with dedicated storage. The updated tip Swing-Away sunpad seat called the roof door is a highlight, plus there was an updated hydraulic submersible swimming platform, the optional must have full Hardtop with extended electric SureShade awning, and a Additional cabin refrigerator.

At the helm, the boat had double 23cm Raymarine multifunctional radar so you could navigate a misty river or stream or into the sea in compromised visibility. There was a propeller for the mesh, a windlass with stainless steel anchor, and a superior sound system extending to a separate zone at the arc. As we drove it, the sea Ray 320 was a luxury weekend loaded and dayboat with the works that attracted a large crowd on the 50 ª Sydney Boat Show.

  • Price as tested: $449k with Twin updated 300HP Mercruiser 6.2 l V8 ect Bravo III STERNDRIVE w/Digital Throttle Shift (DTS), generator and inverter, air conditioning/heating, aft door seat, Cockpit fridge, hydraulic swimming platform, Hardtop with Sureshade, Arch and cabin tables, teak flooring, dual 23cm Raymarine multifunctional, Premier Stereo, Propeller, windlass, walnut interior and much more.
  • Price from: $379k with 250HP Mercruiser 4.5 l Bravo III with DTS