2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB

2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB

2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB One of the clearest trends in boat driving today is the return of the multi-purpose family Runabout. While the Runabouts as baby boomers and their children disappeared in the age of popularity, the arrival of a new generation of young families in the boat dealership showrooms triggered the return of the Runabout concept. With modern technology and brand new connectivity layer, today’s family boats are the most comfortable, most capable and certainly the most versatile.

Sea Ray is no unknown to build adaptive family Runabouts, nor is the company an unknown in innovation. That respect for its heritage and commitment to continuous improvement in the SPX 230 are perfectly balanced, and the evidence is clear even if you go up to the boat in the dock.

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First of all, the Sea Ray SPX 230 is a Outboard-operated boat – a bit of a departure from the family Runabouts of 20 years ago, traditionally driven by star drive engines. Compared to star drives, today’s exterior boards are so much lighter, emissions lower, and fuel efficient much better than their predecessors, that today they drive the vast majority of the world’s most sold boats. In the case of the SPX 230, the engine is fitted properly to its integrated floating platform, which is refined in an attractive and durable soft-touch decking.

Directly in front of the platform, the Transom has a container to mount a detachable pylon, as well as a remote control for Rockford Fosgate MX2 Stereo. This handy remote control saves swimmers from remounting the boat to adjust the music selection, whether you’re listening to on, FM or streaming melodies directly from a tablet or smartphone over the Bluetooth connection from stereo.

The Transom itself is crowned with a large and nicely padded sun pad, which makes the ideal place to dry after a dip. The four pillows of the sun pad are fully adjustable to allow a variety of seat configurations. The harbour side cushions stand out to allow a clear traverse into the main cockpit.

The interior is dominated by a large L-shaped lounge, which extends over most of the Pass and leads up to the right side of the boat, with a second seat along the port side. The seat bases have a storage compartment for bulky items, while the central section has a comfortable place for a detachable radiator. This is much more versatile than the built-in radiator found in the previous generation of Runabout – a portable device that can be recalled at home, which means far fewer things to carry in the dock. Thanks to the stainless steel drink holders throughout the cockpit, cold drinks are always easily accessible.

The twin bucket seats for drivers and co-pilots not only have flip-up cushions, they also swivel so that even more seating is available in the main cockpit room. A detachable cockpit table, mounted on the seat base of the port, makes it an ideal lunch place or simply a great place to hang out and freshen up with a cold drink.

The ground in the Sea Ray SPX 230 OB is a durable fiberglass with a sliding surface. Our review boat has added snap-in carpeting for added convenience. The great thing about the snap-in rug is that at the end of the day it can be just as easy to get out when it’s time to give the boat a good cleaning. It also dries much faster than the traditional solid carpet of the Runabouts of the previous generation. It also has an access panel for the large storage closet.

The helmet console in the Sea Ray SPX 230 looks like she’s right at home in the cockpit of a small jet. The dashboard of our pleasure boat was dominated by the Simrad flush-mounted multifunction display, which provides all the boat controls in one central location. Those who prefer traditional round knives will be delighted to know that Sea Ray has maintained them, flanked by the central scoreboard. The stereo control head sits at the bottom of the bar to the left of the beautiful wood and metal steering wheel, while the throttle control on the starboard side wall is ideally positioned so that it comes easily to hand.

Step through the large, walkable windshield and you will find additional seating in the front of the bow, with full wrap koaming and a pair of stainless steel gripping handles for added safety. Order your SPX 230 with the optional fishing package and you add a pivoting fishing seat, together with a bow-mounted electro-trollmotor.

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2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB

While Sea Ray has long been on the market by offering a long list of standard features in every model it builds, the option list is equally impressive, and above all for a versatile family run like the SPX 230. A wide range of treats, from stereo upgrades to Wakeboard towers, is waiting to seduce shoppers.

The Sea Ray SPX 230 OB, which is designed for outboard engines with up to 250 horsepower, runs well with a 150 and ensures a great balance of enthusiasm and fuel consumption.

Families looking for a versatile Runabout that can do anything, finds Sea Ray’s SPX 230 whether checks a lot of crates. It is a capable boat that combines today’s technology cleanly with a proven platform.

  • Length: 23’ 6”
  • Beam: 8’ 6”
  • Dry weight: 3,919 lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 50 gal.
  • Passenger capacity: 13
  • Maximum power: 250 hp
  • Base price : $51,600 (USD)