2018 Sea Ray SLX 350 OB

2018 Sea Ray SLX 350 OB

2018 Sea Ray SLX 350 OB The Sea Ray SLX 350 Whether it has a rigid skeleton with an optional sliding roof and a lever steering system as standard. It was built to handle triple outboard speeds of up to 1050 horsepower, which offers exciting performance. A small cabin is hidden beneath the console on the right, while a door with a toilet is hidden in the console door. A mini gallery supports entertainment in the rear cockpit.

The Sea Ray SLX 350 is a Bowrider designed to attract boaters who want to have outboard power on a large boat that can be used for fun and water sports. The SLX 350 Either is equipped for up to 18 people and offers a day of fun in the anchor or to date. It features features that go a step beyond ease without going into exaggeration. Sea Ray promotes with their boats that the owners “Want to spend more time in the water”, from designing the interior to handling and controlling the boat, this is a brief way to summarize your mission for the SLX 350 Ob.

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Distinguishing features

  • Outboard Drive. The SLX 350 Whether it is powered by outboard engines and thus breaks a long tradition of sea-jet star driving force in Bowridern, especially in large.
  • Standard hardtop. The hardtop offers much needed shade and becomes an anchor for Isinglass bottom and electronic aids above.
  • Joystick Standard. With a joystick standard, Sea Ray has made the docking of a triple-engine rig a non-issue.

In the bow is a U-shaped living room, filled with surface vinyl with a surface of hydrophilic surface, UV-protected skin and mold, as described by Ray’s Sea, “Multiple Foam Densities”. Attention to detail is there – the seats have beads and bracelets. In addition to the popular conversion of seats in a solarium in the Bow Lounge, the SLX 350 also offers an optional side table. The foot area is spacious – starting 4 ‘in width before tightening at 16’, as the two pillows sit together in the bow.

A retractable beach boarding ladder rests under a hatch on the bow with the windshield and anchor just below it and reachable via a flip-up hatch in which the two seat sides meet. The storage rests under the two seat plates on both sides, and the cup holders and loudspeakers rest in and along the gunwales.

Both the helmet and the supporting positions have a double stitched leather upholstery on two single seats on each side. Both sit with a view of a console, and on the Portside, the console has a lockable glove box that sits on a fiberglass glass door that leads to the closed head. The support seats are versatile. They have a sturdy, high-quality design, but can also swivel back to seat the cockpit and convert two rooms (helmet/cockpit) into a larger group setting. Each seat also has an individual flip-up stud.

The helmet seats sit in front of the dash-board and, like the companion seat, have individual flip-up Bolster. The SLX 350 OB has a performance-based tilt steering over a faux leather-wrapped stainless steel steering wheel. More important are the digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), the joystick drive and the active trim control. All three increase both the accessibility of navigation for the new boat owner, as well as the appealing, consistent and sophisticated performance for the veteran. The information is efficiently collected in 2 12 and 7 “monitors that provide the vital, GPS, chart Plotting and navigation control of the boat in an easy-to-read package. ipod/iphone connectivity with weather-proof Rockford Fosgate speakers and digital cockpit remote control for helmet and Transom.

Below the console on the right there is a small day cab (4 ‘6 “Headroom) that offers relief from the sun or the room for a quick sleep away from the party.and the stereo system can be added.The rest between the helmet and the The wet bar has a solid surface, a stainless steel sink, a faucet, a refrigerator (2.3 acres), a fridge and a refrigerator (2.3 acres) , waste container and the storage below large enough to store a refrigerator.

Since the wet beams are two steps to the rear access point, the steps are hung and have a storage space with a third, larger storage space under the short “path” on the Heckbad platform. A wider L-shaped seat area extends from the Transom along Portside. Below the hinges, this area of ​​seats is the storage area. In the L-shaped body of this shape there is a support point for the optional table, which is offered on glass wool and fiberglass with teak coating. The table can be further upgraded to be hydraulically betägierted, lifted from the ceiling by the flush at the table’s height. Like the seats, filling pillows are optionally available to turn the L-shaped lounge into a larger sun pillow. All seats, as well as the bow, are filled with vinyl capable of marine activity, which has UV protection and mildew.

TSLX 350 if it comes with a Mercury 300-hp triple turbocharger Verado 4-Stroke (black lacquer) with the joystick pilot as a standard tray. White engines are an option. The Sea Ray SLX 350, either with the loosely sloping friction rail and the hard forward layer, supports a sleek and contemporary look. It has a loa 36 ’11 “(11.25 m), a 10′ 6” (3.20 m) rod and a 39 “(99 cm) design. In a 10.335 lbs (4,688 kg) 81% of fuel and two on board, we had an estimated test weight of 11,607 kg (5.265 kg).

With Triple 300 Mercury Verados, who drives our boat, we have reached a top speed of just under 60 mph at 6100 rpm. The best economic cruise came at 3500 rpm. and 31.1 mph. At this speed, the fuel consumption of 24.2 GPH was converted to 1.3 mpg and in a range of 185 square meters, while another 10 percent of the vessels retained the total fuel capacity.

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In accelerometer tests, the bow came down 10 degrees after impact on the accelerator, we reached the planning speed in 4.4 seconds, at this point the bow dropped into a 5-degree bow-high cruising posture. We accelerated to 20 mph in 6.4 seconds, 30 mph came and went in 8.4 seconds and we drove through 40 mph in 11.4 seconds.

We had mild chops on our test-pass, which showed the 350 to go through without hull slap or side effects. In return, she tested her track nicely and threw a water wall to testify her ability to hold its turn. With the diversion she rolled comfortably into the curve and showed only chine walk as she laid her beam for chopping, otherwise she remained firm and showed no signs of aeration. It will also come around two boat lengths if you crank from lock-to-lock.

Sea Ray lists the MSRP (from the base model with the standard engine and target fees) as $365,628.

2018 Sea Ray SLX 350 OB

  • The maximum speed for the Sea Ray SLX 350 OB (2017-) is 59.5 mph (95.8 km/h), burns 89.7 gallons per hour (GPH) or 339.51 liters per hour (LPH).
  • The best cruise for the Sea Ray SLX 350 OB (2017-) is 37.3 mph (60 km/h), and the boat gets 1.3 miles per gallon (mpg) or 0.55 kilometers per liter (Cpl), making the boat a travel span of 182 miles (292.9 kilometers).
  • Tested power is 3 x 300-HP Mercury Verado 300 XL.
  • Cockpit cooler with dedicated storage
  • Rockford Fosgate Stereo wireless bluetooth, amplifier, weatherproof, 8 loudspeakers and digital remote control
  • Fiberglass cockpit table
  • Wet bar with solid surface, stainless steel sink, faucet and refrigerator
  • Digital hyphen with Chart plotter
  • Extended swimming platform and floating ladder with integrated gripping handle, manual/submersible Swim Port Step
  • Cockpit L-shape recliner with adjoining seating
  • Dual bucket helmet seat with slider, flip-up thigh ascent screw and footrest
  • Bow with hinge cushion, armrests and table storage Bottom