2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB Price One of the clearest trends in canoeing today is the return of the multipurpose family utility. While the shuttles faded from popularity as the baby boomers and their old children, the arrival of a new generation of young families in boat dealer showrooms has awakened the return of the shuttle concept. With modern technology and new levels of connectivity, today’s family ships are the most comfortable, most capable and, without doubt, the most versatile. As a great example, look no further than the new sea Ray SPX 230.

Sea Ray is not oblivious to the construction of adaptive family shuttles, nor is the company a stranger to innovation. Respect for their heritage and commitment to continuous improvement are perfectly balanced with the SPX 230, and the evidence is clear even when you approach a boat on the pier.

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To begin with, the sea Ray SPX 230 OB is an outboard motor boat-a bit of an exit from the family shuttles of 20 years ago, which were traditionally propelled by STERNDRIVE engines. Compared to Stern, today’s outboards are lighter in weight, lower in emissions, and substantially better in fuel economy than their predecessors now powering the vast majority of ships sold worldwide. In the case of SPX 230, the engine is perfectly mounted to its integrated swimming platform, which ends in an attractive and durable soft-touch deck.

Just ahead of the platform, the crossbar features a receptacle for mounting a removable ski tower, as well as a remote control for Rockford Fosgate stereo MX2. This handy remote control saves swimmers the need to re-enter the boat to customize their music choices by listening to AM, FM music or streaming melodies directly from their tablet or smartphone over a stereo Bluetooth connection.

The crossbar itself is topped with a large, beautifully upholstered sun cushion that makes the ideal place to dry after a dip. The Sun Pad’s four cushions are fully adjustable to allow for a variety of seating configurations. The port side pad raises to provide a clear walk-through in the main cabin.

A large L-shaped seat that extends most of the crossbar and continues on the starboard side of the boat dominates the interior, with a second orientation seat along the port side. Bulky items are stored in the base of the seat, while the center section provides a convenient storage corner for a removable cooler. This is a much more versatile arrangement than the built-in refrigerator found in the previous generation shuttles-the removable can be pre-loaded at home, meaning much less matter to carry down the dock. Stainless steel beverage holders through the cabin mean that cold drinks are always in easy reach.

The twin hub seats for the driver and co-pilot not only feature flip-down cushions, they also rotate, providing even more seating in the main cabin space. A removable bath table that is mounted to the base of the port side seat makes this the ideal place for lunch, or just a great place to hang out and cool off with a cold drink.

The floor on the sea Ray SPX 230 OB is a durable fiberglass with a non-slip surface. Our review boat added Snap-in carpet for extra comfort. The big deal with the Snap-on rug is that it can be so easily disengaged at the end of the day when it comes time to give the boat a good cleaning. It also dries much faster than the traditional floor of fixed carpets from the previous generation’s shuttles. It also provides an access panel for the large storage cabinet on the floor.

The rudder console at sea Ray SPX 230 OB looks like it would be like home in the cockpit of a little jet. The navigation panel on our boat is dominated by a multifunctional touch screen mounted on the Simrad frame, which puts all the boat controls at your fingertips. Those who prefer traditional round calibrators will be pleased to learn that the Ray has retained them, accompanying the central display panel. The stereo control head is located on the board to the left of the beautiful wooden and metal steering wheels, while the throttle control is ideally located on the side wall to the right, making it easy to hold in your hand.

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2018 Sea Ray SPX 230 OB Price

Step through the large windshield on foot and you will find additional seats to the front in the arch, with full surround arm and a pair of stainless steel handles for additional safety. Apply for your SPX 230 OB with the optional fishing package and add a revolving fishing seat, along with an arc-mounted electric trolling engine.

While Ray has been distinguished for a long time on the market by offering a long list of standard features in every model he builds, the list of options is equally impressive, and especially for a versatile family utility like the SPX 230. A wide variety of goodies ranging from stereo upgrades to wakeboard towers waiting to entice shoppers.

Rated to accommodate outboard motors up to 250 horsepower, the sea Ray SPX 230 OB works well with a 150, providing a great balance of euphoria and fuel economy.

Families looking for a versatile mini shuttle that can do it all will find sea Ray SPX 230 OB checks a lot of boxes. It is a capable boat that perfectly mixes today’s technology with a proven platform.

Base price : $51,600 (USD)