2018 Sea Ray SPX 210 Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 210 Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 210 Price In the wake of the recession of 2008, there was a clear trend in recreational shipping, and that is the increasing step towards specialization. Today we have specialized wakeboarding boats, wake-surfboote, Boots, Bassboote, Walleye-boats, deck-boats-they call it. Buyers looking for a simple, all-round Runabout that can do a bit of everything, have to wade through a pretty muddy water to find what they want.

Sea Ray recognized this trend early on and has made many shoppers happy with its SPX series of do-it-all-Bowridern. The new Sea-Ray SPX 210 could only be the best of the group, because it is large enough to accommodate the whole family, but is still compact enough to be easy to haul and at the same time to accommodate a really exciting ride.

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With a total length of 21 feet, six inches and a generous eight-foot six-beam, the SPX 210 is rated for up to a dozen passengers on its almost wrapping seating. The bow is usually the weak point in any boat of this size, but discerning buyers will notice Sea Ray wisely chosen to keep the full width of this boat very far forward – far past the windshield, in fact – to make much more usable space to Di Esem often neglected to bring end of the boat.

The result is two full-length deck chairs on which the passengers can lay their feet up and stretch under the sun, along with a rear seat, which offers almost (but not entirely) so much luxury. The two forward-facing seats are the right place to be when this boat is traveling, and you can guarantee that the kids will fight for these spots directly from the get-go. Lateral shoulder koaming, comfortably placed gripping grips and a pair of stereo speakers only contribute to the appeal.

Of course, you don’t have to stretch in the bow. This room is more than spacious enough to accommodate four adults if you just want to sit and chat. There is storage space under the seat cushions and comfortably placed beverage holders to keep these cold drinks in range.

Pass backwards between the high, accessible windshield and the main cabin also has its share of tricks. The convertible seat on the port side allows for front-facing or backwards seating or both at the same time to properly tilt the versatility of the boat. There is an almost full-width, L-shaped seat that runs across the Transom and forward on the starboard side, plus a small sitter to port directly in front of the standard Transom pass. Behind the Transom bench is a large, super comfortable sun cushion.

Sea Ray has always been known for its impeccable padding, and the SPX 210 will meet this heritage. This high-quality fabric is available in a selection of cognac or Sahara color schemes and offers exquisite details for more elegance. The storage rooms under the seats – including a special place for a large removable cooler – make the most of the trim footprint of the boat.

Cross the Transom gate and look forward to a large integrated swimming platform with a soft-touch finish and a four-stage, retractable board ladder. Even more beverage holders, which are neatly hidden in the Transom, offer incredible convenience.

The amount of storage space in the Sea Ray SPX 210 is impressive and contributes significantly to the fact that this boat is able to do so many different things well. The passenger console has a huge glove box that is accessed over the top surface and provides a safe but convenient place for cell phones, wallets, truck keys and more. It also houses the control head for AM/FM stereo, with MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity. Look down, and there is even a locker in the cockpit floor between the consoles.

The driver’s console is not nonsense, with white-on-black measuring instruments with stainless steel bezels (fuel, oil pressure, speedometer, speedometer with LCD hour meter, trim and water temperature) and a padded visor. LED courtesy lighting is standard, as well as the power-assisted tilt steering.

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2018 Sea Ray SPX 210 Price

Standard performance for the Sea-ray SPX 210 is a 200-PS-Mercruiser 4.5 L V6 Rear-wheel drive that is upgradeable to a 250-PS version. Due to its versatility-value offer, the SPX 210 has a long list of options that allows buyers to easily personalize the boat and make it their own. Many of these options are divided into comfortable packages, such as the water-port-oriented height package, which includes a full weckturm with Bimini top, tower shelves and a premium ski mirror.

Beautifully designed, nicely made and styled for today’s boater, the Sea Ray SPX 210 is a versatile family Runabout that makes a lot of things really, really good. It’s a light boat to like, and a great value for boaters who want to do anything.

  • Length: 20 ‘ 6 “
  • Beam: 8 ‘ 6 “
  • Maximum power: 250 PS
  • Maximum Capacity: 12 persons
  • Base MSRP: $40,344