2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 OB Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 OB Price

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 OB Price The Sea Ray 19 SPX plays this in your sleeve with the choice of many customization packages to suit the needs of the Owners. But the big problem comes immediately: on our sea, the Bowrider layout has never met with Success. This is quite unexplainable. The perfect example of an open boat, a Bowrider should have its natural habitat in our warm climate, be it the Med or one of the Thousand lakes in Europe.

So the Braunschweig group decided to insist on the formula, and this Sea Ray 19 SPX has everything to convince. Both the outer board and the inboard versions share the same cockpit, with the former having a split platform on the sides of the engine, while the latter has a large, full Beam. In the first case, however, a large locker is concealed in the rear sun bed, in which the engine hosts the Second.

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The cockpit is accessible from one passage to the port and has a front couch and a secondo ne on the Side. The helmet station with pilot seat is to Starboard. The windscreen is divided into three parts, as is usual with this layout, with the middle, which opens into the bogendinette, which can be used in front of anchor and in the Navigation. The hull is certainly perfect for a long and fast navigation, but can also make some waves through a sharp hull wit face H 19 ° Deadrise.

The hull is certainly perfect for a long and fast navigation, but can also have some waves thanks to a sharp hull with a 19 ° deadrise face. And the American construction is certainly a reassurance.

Surprise number one: the price tag. Sea Ray MSRPs The 19 SPX on well under $30,000, and even if you drive it by increasing the 3.0 L (135 hp) rear-end to a 4.3 l (190 or 220 ps) power plant, The price still does not break $32,000. These include the boat, engine, trailer and dealer preparation and target fees, which most builders can easily leave out of the price tag. Thank you, Sea ray, for giving us an honest number where most companies do things a little Verfudeln.

Would you rather have an outboard on the Transom? Lately there has been a market shift in this direction (read outboard engines on Bowriders: match made in heaven? to learn more). Good thing Sea Ray builds the 19 SPX both in Rear-wheel Drive and in outboard versions. The 19-SPX-OB has a 150 horsepower mercury-four-stroke, and the ‘ real ‘ price still remains below $30,000.

Surprise number two: the cockpit seating. Like its larger sibling, the Sea Ray 21 spx, The 19-foot course has a standard eighth-bench… that goes to a very unusual passenger area. Instead of the expected forward seat, there is a convertible seating arrangement that can move forward, the transition to a center-view double seat, or to a back-facing lounge in full length. (you can get a good look at how the arrangement works in this first look video, from 0:44 to 0:57).

In the bow the seating is almost as expected: two forward-facing reclining seats are complemented by a backrest on the middle part, so that it can be used as an aft seat. This works well while the boat is in peace, but don’t plan to sit there as you walk through any Seas. To maximize the space to the front, the Sea Ray does not contain an anchor cabinet, which means that you have to stow an anchor under one of the Seats. It is a trade-off that is not according to my personal taste, but many day boaters do not often anchor and probably don’t mind.

I ran a 19-spx, which was equipped with the 190 PS 4.3 L rear drive, and for a 19-foot Bowrider, the performance was consistently jazzy. The travel speeds were in the middle to the upper 30s, and on the upper end I reached 48.3 mph. Do you remember those s-turns that I spoke about earlier? And how did I say it was pure, unadulterated fun to run this boat? Try it out for yourself, and i’ll bet you don’t Stop grinning.

2018 Sea Ray SPX 190 OB Price

Another note on the 4.3 L rear-drive rig: in my opinion, it felt as if it had managed the seas a bit better than the outboard version (which I also needed for a turn on the same day under the same conditions). I have this up to the different weight (the outboard version is about 230 pounds lighter) and how this weight is distributed in the Boat. That does not mean that the outboard did not handle the waves well — it — but there is a subtle difference that might be important for some people.

A few more vertices: the integrated cooler under the aft bench is insulated, and under the step to the floating platform there is a second ‘ lunch ‘ cooler, which is an intelligent use of otherwise dead space. Wakeboards and water-skiing Stow in a compartment under the deck, which swings on a gas-assist stocking. and the standard stereo system (which is cleverly concealed from splashes and spray in the passenger side glove Box) has Bluetooth.

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