2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 MSRP

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 MSRP

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 MSRP Now, when a 12-year-old opens up his first transformer, I know exactly how he feels on Christmas morning. When faced with all the buttons and buttons that re-imagine toys on more than one machine, they think “Wonderful” and “Cool Road”! I know this because I felt like I stepped into the Ray SLX 400 at sea. This is great. and absolutely cool.

Sea Ray had a hard time looking at how boats used boats. We’re having fun, swimming, saving kids. When it comes to choosing the most important feature, some of us start with the power option and while reading it, the SLX 400 can also be used as an outboard. Others start with a civilized shower (WHO), and the list goes on: good melodies, ample seating, easy access to water, a place to eat, enough speed to zoom in and a place to sleep. SLX 400 There is a check in each box.

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Let’s start playing with this transformer in the cockpit. Proceed on a large swimming platform (a central part that is lowered for easy water access), and the teak that plans the starboard tomb may look strange, with the push of a button, it is folded to greatly expand the deck. Sea Ray calls a swimming terrace and converts the cockpit to a beach porch, even if they are just for rest.

The Spinning has a large sun pillow and several seating and relaxation areas with a back cushion. At the same time, there is a secret compartment big enough for full-size stand-up paddleboards. Putting the board on a harder floor.

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The Midcockpit has a devotion in the religion (using this return) and the starboard to an open kitchen with a washbasin. Our test boat had two electric Kenyon grills plus an isotherm fridge – as well as no-brainer options. The optional retractable viewfinder distributes electricity from the hardtop.

Two more transformer features: the double-wide seat against the rudder revolves around the seating surface of the cockpit, revealing the size of teak cockpit tableware dishes.

The captain picks up a two-seat steering-wheel seat, which leads to a ringing tone and turns the Companion side back into an entertainment seat. Line ergonomics are flawless: two Raymarine 12-inch GS displays navigation for screens and a Mercury Vesselview monitor, a chrome footrest, and properly labeled and illuminated buttons for systems. A molded console keeps the Merc gas and its modifiers in the right place and the Axius joystick is placed for effortless placement and maneuvering.

There is another recreational area ahead, and it is easy and safe to take a built-in door with a folding and spraying folding glass to protect the cockpit from a wide harbor walkway and wind. There are three forward-facing seats, folding arm and storage box. Each side of the bow is a sitting sun pad and provides another space for removable table munchies. Scoop rails are everywhere, and the entire boat has padded coaminings.

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Slide the rudder from the slider and the cabinet: approximately 7 m from the head. It has a head shower on the starboard side and an empty toilet.

The Mini Galley Port converts a V-frame into a winding sofa with a microwave oven, refrigerator and a folding table. A large playroom hidden under the cockpit: A queen-size bed with a cushioned rear seat for the rear, side or combination to extend to the front. It’s big enough for a long nighting and is comfortable enough to put the children to sleep.

The SLX 400 works with a pair of 380 Hp Mercruiser 8.2 Mag ECT, Twin-Prop Bravo and three X-sterris turning and Axius joystick controls. Comes with a standard 5 KW generator.

While continuing, the SLX 400 offers nothing but completely fun. I discovered the power steering wheel, a surprisingly responsive and fast hardtop side-by-side sunroof. Like an F-15, the SLX 400 banks are going after a goal. It must be difficult to keep the boat open for other boats in the Ile, that venetian blinds. However, this demanding bank felt a turn rock and nobody needed to reach a Grab Rail. We’ve been in the shade for more than 46 miles and are surprisingly looking at 3,500 rpm and 30 plus mph.

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 MSRP

The 35-meter length range has other Mega-sized bowriders: four Winns Horizon 350 twin 8.2 mercruiser B3s and the joystick $ 314,146; The Monterey Hp Mercruiser 8.2 With the Mag HO sterndrives, the 379 SE 379,230 twin 430.

  • Builder: Sea ray
  • Model: Sea Ray SLX 400
  • Year: 2018
  • Basic price: on request
  • LOA: 39’6 “
  • Beam: 12 ‘1 “
  • Displacement: 18.000 lb.
  • Fuel capacity: 250 Gal.
  • Water capacity: 50 gal.
  • Standard power: 2/380-Hp Mercruiser 8.2 Mag ECT Bravo III gasoline Internal plug
  • Optional power: 2/430-hp Mercruiser 8.2 Mag ECT Bravo III Gasoline internal plug or 2/364-hp Mercury 370 Tdi 4.2 L
  • T3 SeaCore Bravo III Diesel engine
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