2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 Cost

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 Cost

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 Cost I saw the Sea Ray fit to enter the new SLX 400 at this year’s (2017) Miami International Boat Show at the Innovation Awards contest, and when I went aboard the show the right pre-stylish, multi-dimensional ship, along with the rest of the awards committee, I saw the quick reason. As the “entertainer, ” calls the Sea Ray boat, the more fun things are going for him than a impromptu weekend in Disney.

Forward, for example, a “social bow “, in a U-shaped, convertible-table-equipped Lounge and, you just come, three sunbeds “Touring seats, ” A complete set of armrests, beverage holders, and an Oh-So-contemporary, albeit optional “Sail shade. “Hey – if friends and family here, or a laid-back, high-speed zoom summer away from the horizons, perhaps you should switch croquet as your primary entertainment, you can’t enjoy it when you return to the harbor.

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On the starboard side, the “patio wing ” Will definitely stop the guests, and they’ll track the audience. In a row? We are talking with the Swiss-army-knife versatility, a floor-by-side swimming platform with a fold-down “Patio wing ” That is invitingly on the fringes water, augmented by anyone-cannonball? One Lounge is both paths sinuously amidst interconnected with the cockpit’s abundant “social zone ” and among other things, it offers easy stacking for two Full-up paddle boards.

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And the cockpit is pure promise, around-The-swimming pool satisfaction, thanks to a wet bar (refrigerator, sink, solid surface bench, and a couple of optional grills), a giant L-shaped Lounge, and a raft of cool canvas options, including a retractable display hardtop and An electric actuated hardtop extension celebration for the aft shade.

Its beachy has more ways than 400, fun-loving accoutrements, however. Helm Sport Two, No-nonsense, 12-inch Raymarine MfDs, ergonomically located SmartCraft bin, suitable for running open water type motor control, an Axius driven joystick to facilitate close quarters maneuvers, and “cloud connection ” ship through mobile phone Detecting or even recognizing it remotely. In addition to everything else, there is also a spacious air-conditioned cabin Belowdeck, a queen-storey apartment and a dinette that transforms a V-bed (with filling pads), as well as a closed head compartment and shower.

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I’d say it’s still the silent system that shuts everything down. In order to provide minimal distractions on board during 400, this sound-and vibration-damping material combines the virtues of laminated into the trunk, the strategic application of acoustic insulation elsewhere, and a supposedly included “tuned transom ” Omni products, more Reduces vibration and sound associated with the boat engines and the Bravo III drive system. A quiet trip? Oh, yes!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to do any of our own performance numbers on the sea essay SLX 400 yet so we reported. But on the stage at the Miami Show, the representative of the Sea beam claimed an impressive upper extremes. And given the exciting nature of the claim, as well as all the modern ways to have fun that provides 400, is it really any wonder that an innovation award is snagged?

2018 Sea Ray SLX 400 Cost

  • Builder: Sea Ray
  • Model: Sea Ray SLX 400
  • Year: 2018
  • Basic Price: On request
  • LOA: 39 ‘ 6 “
  • Beam: 12 ‘ 1 “
  • Displacement: 18,000 lb.
  • Fuel capacity: 250 Gal.
  • Water capacity: 50 gal.
  • Standard power: 2/380-Hp Mercruiser 8.2 Mag ECT Bravo III gasoline Internal plug
  • Optional power: 2/430-hp Mercruiser 8.2 Mag ECT Bravo III Petrol internal plug or 2/364-hp Mercury 370 Tdı 4.2 L T3
  • SeaCore Bravo III Diesel inboard
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