2018 Sea Ray L650 Fly Price

2018 Sea Ray L650 Fly Price

2018 Sea Ray L650 Fly Price Experience luxury require more than links to pieces. Luxury true and luxurious requires impressive rock-ribbed style and substance together in symbiosis perfect. It is the aesthetics of functionality that not only meet each other, but that each other. This is where the initial deposit L flies in order. L initial bid in summer is comfort for the difference of any that are experiencing. Sea border Ray lifts the dock to surpassed expectations. There is no compromise. There is no playoff round. This is what the duration of the initial deposit l should feel like flies.

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Standard diesel engines of l650 Flies twin 1150-HP CATERPILLAR C18A 6, 4 hotkeys offer outstanding gear cruises, as you exercise your control in the yacht in exceptional helms. And even in the crowded marina and fairways, you will be with the style and Grace thanks to the optional joystick-unit and the propellers of helicopters. This is a sophisticated power that is easy to drive and designed to enjoy. Standard Seakeeper gyroscope posts stabilizer your fly l650 regardless of the sea, so that you and your guests will always feel. In the school with the weighted average to rotate 10,000 RPM in the wave of the motion specified counters, keeping the movement in your l650 in summer and in your comfort zone.

A new way to meet your demand for luxury and beauty can be found at sea Ray L650 Fly. The quality provided on this Premium vessel begins with engineering. This is a class A rated yacht that is designed to meet airworthiness for the ocean voyage, and the flawless transition of windows and hull allow for a spectacular light to fill the L650 ‘s interior spaces as they glide through of the water. Sea Ray encourages you to truly own your art by adding the features and style you care about. There are many ways to set up this awesome boat and make it the perfect place to live, entertain and enjoy the sun. Unlimited color options, updated fabrics, high-end wood finishes, and a number of device packs are just some of the items you can customize. From the cabins to the lounge to the bridge to the cockpit, you will feel completely pampered aboard the sea Ray L650 Fly.

2018 Sea Ray L650 Fly Price

Boat type : Yacht
Category : Luxurious comfort and Travel
Assembly : Knoxville, TN, US
Warranty : 5 years

Length overall : 19.8 m (65′1″)
Beam : 5.2 m (17′2″)
Bridge clearance : N/A
Height on trailer : N/A
Draft : 1.55 m (5′1″)
Dry weight : 36,514 kg (80,500 lbs)
Hull deadrise : 16°

Fuel tank : 3,899 l (1,030 gal)
Water tank : 1,060 l (280 gal)
Waste tank : N/A
Holding tank : 378 l (100 gal)
Passenger capacity : Yacht certified
Sleeping capacity : 8

Max hp : 2,300 hp
Base engine : Caterpillar C18
Drive / Propulsion : Shaft
Engine type : I-6
Displacement : 18.1 litres
Power : 2,300 hp @ 2,300 rpm (2×1150 hp)
Induction : Turbocharged
Fuel requirement : Diesel

Base price : contact your local dealer

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